Ullswater Canvas Gallery

Canvas Wall Art from around the Ullswater area in The Lake District

Framed prints from around the Ullswater area in the Lake District.

The Ullswater framed prints are available in 4 solid wood frames with 3 colours of card mount.

The purchasing pages show the photograph with the chosen options, so you can see which frame suits you and your needs. Framed photographs are available in widths up to 42inch (107cm). Overall max size including frame and mount is around 50″ (127cm) wide.

See the image on your wall before you buy. If you’d like to get an idea of what the image would look like hanging on your wall – email me a pic of your room – Room Mock Up

  • Framed print take approx 8-9 working days to deliver.
  • Postage starts at £7.95 for smaller sizes up to £9.95 for the largest

Printed with the highest quality printer and inks using the best Pearl (semi gloss) fine art paper to last a 100 years without fade. The thick fIne art paper is very slightly textured, this minimises reflections between the print and the glazing. The frames are 4cm thick solid wood – Black Oak, Natural Oak, White Maple or Walnut. With 3mm thick card mounts in White, Ivory or Black. Framed behind glass, this gives the whole thing a classic semi glossy look. Matt glass, which is reflection reducing, is also available

Ullswater Framed Prints
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Ullswater Framed Prints
Ullswater canvas gallery. Photographs from all around the Ullswater area in the Lake District. Single and multi-panel canvas prints.
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Dave Massey Photography
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