Print Quality

Printed using the highest quality Epson Large format roll printer, using archival ink (UltraChrome K3) and archival matte paper. With lightfastness ratings of up to 108 years for colour and over 200 years for black and white.

From the Epson website…“Incorporating high density pigments, Epson UltraChrome K3 produces prints with an extremely wide color gamut allowing the reproduction of colors that were originally envisioned at the point of capture. With its expanded color gamut and breakthrough 8-color system, no other ink set can reproduce the three dimensional lifelike quality and stunning photographic feel of Epson UltraChrome K3.” “Utilizing a unique three level black ink technology, Epson UltraChrome K3 ink significantly improves overall gray balance while enhancing midtone and highlight detail yielding a smoother tonal range.”


4 styles of frame are available.

  1. Oak – Wood (1.6inch – 4cm)
  2. Dark Walnut (1.7inch – 4.3cm)
  3. White Gloss Smooth Finish (1.7inch – 4.3cm)
  4. Black Brushed Wood Finish (1.7inch – 4.3cm)

The oak frame is solid wood. The other frames are Polcore which is a range of frames not made from the traditional wood but a tough and versatile plastic(recycled) product. Polcore has a realistic wood finish and is very easy to clean.

All frames have a flat profile.

Acrylic Glass

The prints are framed under acrylic ‘glass’ (plastic). Most delivery companies don’t accept glass framed art (it’s far too fragile)…. so i use acrylic.

I don’t offer non-reflective acrylic as this can soften the contrast and dull the colours of the photograph slightly. This effect is very difficult to show on the website and could lead to disappointed customers. Also, non-reflective acrylic is quite a lot more expensive adding around £80 – £100 to larger prints. For most normal room conditions standard acrylic glazing is the sensible option.

(update Sept 2017 – looking at a ‘clear-view’ style reflection reducing acrylic. Had a quote of £560 per square metre…… Looking for other options…..)

(…. i will soon be adding fine art prints (unframed) as an option. So, if you do want glass glazing you should look at ordering the print and then get a framer local to you to frame it. Note – if it’s a large print say 4ft or more then the glass will be very heavy and the frame would need to be substantial to cope with the extra weight as would your wall!)

Black frame with brushed wood finish

Oak Wood Frame

Smooth Gloss White frame