Lake District Modern Prints

Photographic Prints from around The Lake District
Framed prints of the Lake District

Lake District prints on photo paper bonded to robust Aluminium Dibond backing with optional Floater (shadow gap) frames. A gap between the photograph and the solid wood frame creates the impression your picture is levitating. They are also available in larger widths, up to 70″ (180cm), than standard framed/mounted prints.

Note – the price of acrylic glazing has risen considerably over the last few years. I therefore recommend the laminated option as this is far more economical. Acrylic glazing is only needed in locations with lots of direct sunlight or where there’s a risk of lots of people touching the print.

  • Available with or without frames
  • The laminated print is the most cost effective as there’s no glazing. It’s UV protective, non reflective matt laminate.
  • The matt acrylic glazing is suited to brightly lit environments. It absorbs light and reduces glare.
  • The solid wood ‘Floater’ frames are 1.5cm wide with a 0.5cm gap between the frame and the print.
  • Modern prints are available in widths up to 70 inch (180cm).

The state-of-the-art printing process, produces lovely natural colours and sharp details and is cured under UV light, effectively protecting the image from sunlight, contaminants, and moisture.

See the image on your wall before you buy. If you’d like to get an idea of what the image would look like hanging on your wall – email me a pic of your room – Room Mock Up


Available in 3 versions

  1. Print on high quality Fuji photo paper. With matt protective lamination.
  2. Print on high quality Fuji photo paper under matt acrylic glass.
  3. Option 1 or 2 framed. With a choice of 4 solid wood floater “shadow gap” frames.
  • Available large sizes (up to 70″ – 178cm)
  • Durable, waterproof, UV protected finish
  • Rich, natural colours
  • More detail than canvas prints
  • Slightly cheaper than normal framed prints

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