Cornwall Modern Prints

Photographic prints bonded to aluminium backing with optional frames.

Cornwall prints on photo paper bonded to robust Aluminium Dibond backing with optional Floater (shadow gap) frames. A gap between the photograph and the solid wood frame creates the impression your picture is levitating. They are also available in larger widths, up to 70″ (180cm), than standard framed/mounted prints.

  • The laminated print is the most cost effective as there’s no glazing. It’s UV protective, non reflective matt laminate.
  • The matt acrylic glazing is suited to brightly lit environments. It absorbs light and greatly reduces glare.
  • The solid wood ‘Floater’ frames are 1.5cm wide with a 0.5cm gap between the frame and the print.

The state-of-the-art printing process, produces lovely natural colours and sharp details and is cured under UV light, effectively protecting the image from sunlight, contaminants, and moisture.

This is a new product range – if a photograph isn’t shown here yet, please contact me and i’ll add it.

Modern prints are available in widths up to 70inch (180cm).

Available in 3 versions

  1. Print on high quality Fuji photo paper. With matt protective lamination. Single and 3 Panel versions.
  2. Print on high quality Fuji photo paper under matt acrylic glass. Single and 3 Panel versions.
  3. Option 1 or 2 framed. With a choice of 4 solid wood floater “shadow gap” frames. Single panels only.
  • Available large sizes (up to 70″ – 178cm)
  • Durable, waterproof, UV protected finish
  • Rich, natural colours
  • More detail than canvas prints
  • Slightly cheaper than normal framed prints

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