Canvas Information

Canvas wrap prints use high quality materials. With 1.5″ (38mm) gallery style bars made from Kiln dried pine. 

The print is wrapped around the edges using the reflection method. This is where the edges of the image are copied, reversed and seamlessly added to the outside of the photograph. The benefit of this is that none of the original image is lost. What you see on the site is what you get.

Image Stitching for Large Panoramas

The larger panoramic images use multiple photographs seamlessly ‘stitched’ together to create very high resolution images of  70-100 million pixels (more at times). This means detail is maintained even at large print sizes.

When taking the photographs i take many images of the same scene while rotating the camera slightly. Each photo is of a small portion of the whole, but contains lots of detail. These images are then seamlessly combined or ‘stitched’ together in photoshop or PT Gui software.