Bespoke Image Sizes

Choose your own size

If you require a picture in a size that’s not on the website, maybe something long and narrow or tall and thin or square, the please use the form to contact me with your requirements.


There’s no extra charge for bespoke sizes. Prices will be similar to the nearest ‘normal’ size listed on the website.

Picture Choice

It helps greatly if you already have an image in mind, that you’d like in a bespoke size. Also, it’s much easier to crop the top/bottom from an image that’s already panoramic and make a 5 by 1 or 6 by 1 ratio narrow pano. Changing a 2 by 1 ratio image to a narrow pano is much more difficult and requires a lot of the image to be cropped.

For tall narrow images the opposite is true, it’s no use starting with a 4:1 ratio and trying to make it into 1:4 ratio tall pano. It’s best to start with something ‘squarer’ like 16:9 or 2:1 ratio images. The left/right gets cropped off.

Panoramic canvases can also be made with up to 5 panels.



Canvases – Possible Sizes

The wood that makes up the frames for canvases comes in 2 inch increments starting at 8″ up to 20″. Then 24″, 30″, 36, 40″, 48″, 60″ and 72″. So, any combination of those sizes is possible.

For sizes larger than 72 inches, a different, much thicker frame is used. This comes in metric lengths – 10cm increments from 20cm up to 240cm. Any combination of these sizes is possible.

Framed Mounted Prints

Classic framed prints can be done in any size up to 43″ by 27″ (110 x 69cm) or 27′ by 43″ (69 x 110cm)

Floating Frame and Un-Framed Acrylic Prints.

Any size combination up to 70″ by 35″ (178 x 89cm) or 35″ by 70″ (89 x 178cm)

Lose Prints

Any size within the limits of pixels in image.
If you want a very large, wide image, then this page lists the images with most pixels.
Supersize Prints


7 + 9 =

Derwent Water Serenity
Langdales Pavey Ark Panorama 6:1
Langdale Sunrise square
Canvas Waterfalls 1:4 room