Acrylic Block and Photos on Stands

Vivid, glossy photographic prints behind thick acrylic glass. These are free standing for placement on desks, shelves and mantle pieces etc. The glossy acrylic really enhances the image’s depth and makes the colours really pop. The photographic prints are made using high-end photo paper and bonded to the acrylic block.

Available in two styles…

  • 1inch – 2.5cm thick acrylic block which gives wonderful depth to the image. Stands on it’s edge, looks really cool almost 3D. Size 8x6in (20x15cm). Price £59.95
  • A 1/8inch – 0.5cm thick acrylic block bonded to aluminium backing with a small acrylic foot at the centre of the bottom edge. The modern version of a small, free standing framed print. Sizes 8x6in (20x15cm) £37.95 and 8x4in (20x10cm) £32.95

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St Ives Harbour Panorama
Article Name
Acrylic Photographic Gifts
Small free standing acrylic photos

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